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DIAs Eunjin to leave the group because of health reasons

DIA’s Eunjin recently announced that she will be withdrawing from the girl group because of her health.

On May 7, she posted a handwritten letter to her fan café. She wrote:

“Hello, this is Eunjin. Have all the AID [fanclub name] members been doing well?

First I want to apologize for writing this when you have all waited for me so long. This will be a long letter, but I hope it contains my sincerity.

To be honest, my health was really bad starting last year. There were days when I was okay, and there were days when I couldn’t leave the dorm all day. When those days happened, the members were always there to hold my hand, so I was able to bear it.

But when I stood on stage, it was hard to get rid of the feelings of being overpowered and afraid. That’s why there were times when I wasn’t able to show the best side of myself and showed a disappointing side instead. I think that must have been a source of disappointment to the people who support DIA. It’s late but I sincerely want to apologize for this.

I continued to receive treatment, for the people who were helping me as well as for myself, but my health still isn’t good. This is work I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I want to do it well, and it’s precious to me, but I think I am very lacking at the moment.

Since DIA is preparing for a comeback, I thought that I am getting in the members’ way and unable to help them, so I have made the difficult decision to leave the group.

I’ve really thought about it for a long time, and this is a decision that I’ve come to after a lot of thought. I’m sorry again to give you this pain. I hope that the people I love, and those that love me, will not be hurt by my decision.

This is my last goodbye as DIA’s Eunjin, but I will cheer on our members as the fan that loves DIA the most, and return to my ordinary life as Eunjin and live well.

I am very grateful to my precious DIA members, who helped me and worried for me and cheered me on by my side, the agency staff members, and AID. I love you.”


Eunjin debuted with the group in 2015 and many fans are sad to see her go.

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