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Why you should watch Produce 48, or at least keep updated on it.

I am not going to go on here and tell you that you have to watch the new season of the produce 101 series. But I am going to tell you a few reasons to why you should at least pay attention to it.

Since the first season of Produce 101 the concept of survival shows in South Korea has changed. Before produce 101 the survival shows that we had seen where things like kpop star or Show me the money or even mix and match. Where the winner either get to release a a song and gets signed to a lable or a permanent group is created. But Produce 101 did something different. They called for all trainees giving them a competition for an opportunity to stand on stage and gain experience for only a few months.
Which when you think about it, sounds insane to most people. But to many trainees it’s their everyday and they probably thought that through this show they would be able to stand on stage at least for a moment. BUT ANYWAY.

Produce 101, the first season, had 101 female trainees on set. WHICH IS INSANE. These 101 girls would over the course of the show be narrowed down to 11 girls who would make the final debuting group. The debuting groups price would be to promote and release music for 8 months. Now what a lot of people did not expect in the beginning of this show is how impactful the final group (I.O.I) was. All their songs became huge hits both with korean and international fans and once they disbanded a lot of people cried. Still many of the members are active in their own groups and the promotional boost some of them got from the show is remarkable. Take Chaeyeon for example through produce 101 DIA now skyrocketed and she is constantly put center in her group to use that publicity. Or Kim Chungha who now has a blooming  career as a soloist! Every single member of I.O.I is now successful in one way or another. I.O.I became a group who many people grew very fond of in a very short amount of time.
It happened again through the second season. WANNAONE the winning boygroup of season 2 is currently promoting and their contract is already longer then I.O.Is was. They are sweeping the nation with their popularity and I know fans will mourn their coming disbandment. Now adding AKB48 to this who are already one of Japans BIGGEST ,in capital letters, idol groups can you start to see what I am trying to say?

What I am trying to get at is that both seasons of Produce 101 has been incredibly successful and there is nothing to say Produce 48 won’t be as well. I am currently watching the chinese installment on Produce 101 as I am writing this and I am loving it too! And if you haven’t checked it out you should!
I’m not saying you have to watch the produce series but I am saying that if you want a hint of what the next big phenomenon in the asian music industry will be you should. Also the show is really good!

That’s it for now! Until next time!


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