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BUSTED! Episode 8 ”The mysterious man”



The episodes begins with a continuation of what Sejong did at the end of the last one. She was sent on a mission to leave flowers for M. K’s best friend but it looked like someone had gotten there before her leaving flowers.

Then it cuts to all the detectives entering a courtyard thinking they got a personal mission. But they didn’t. All of them are there. Then Kriescha (the singer) rolls out an old man in a wheel chair and he explains to that that he has summoned them here because he had found out that K hadn’t been paying them very well. He mentions that he too it a friend of K and knows about the safe from the second episode and that if they pass the test he has prepared he will reward them with money and the password for the safe. (FINALLY WE GET TO SEE WHAT’S INSIDE IT !!!). The first test is inside the house that they had gathered outside. The mysterious wheelchair man have recreated a locked room murder from 20 years ago and the detectives need to figure out how the killer got out of the room afterwards. The detectives look around for a good while finding all kind of information about the crime.

The victims are a woman and a man, both working in the music industry. The man is a composer who has been ghost writing songs for someone else under the pseudonym ”Crazy Piano” and the woman is a singer who didn’t actually sing but only lip-synced to another girl who was actually the voice on the tapes. They found out that in the area at the time there was a diamond thief roaming around and they also found a diamond certificate but no diamond in the house. Lastly they saw in the womans contract that she was not allowed to have children, but she and the man did have a little girl together.
Eventually Sehun finds a chipped CD and walks over to the slide windows just to try something. Turns out with the CD he could turn the lock and make the door lock while being outside then just slide if through the small opening. That answer was correct! Kwangsoo was the one who pressed the button but everyone knew it was Sehun who came to the conclusion so he basically got called out for it the entire way to the next test.

The next test was at a local mall. There was a case of a criminal who escaped through the center and lost the police in 30 minutes. The detectives mission is to recreate this instance and solve how the criminal got away in the first place. They get split up in groups of three and Jaewook got to play the criminal. The detectives only got the clue of a photo on the criminal where he is on the phone. While Jaewook got instructions on how to escape. The chase is on and in the end Sehuns team catches Jaewook and they win. The last test is to figure out who was the criminal in the first test. Now this part I was little like meh about. Because there were just as many possible suspects as there were teams so i don’t believe for a minute all of them were like oh we believe different people did it. That was set up to be more entertaining.

Anyway they have to convince the suspects to come with them back to the docks there they’ll meet the mysterious man without telling them that they are suspects. This entire time the mysterious man has been telling them that this is all fake it’s not real but as the detectives are individually bringing their suspect to the meeting place. They are starting to gros suspicious. Once they have all arrived and the suspects figured out they all knew each other the mysterious man comes out on his wheelchair pushed by his assistant (Kreisha). The detectives tell him that they think it’s suspicious, and the man responds with: ”yes this is real but i didn’t know any other way to get you to help me find the killer of my daughter”. GASP! Our mysterious man is the father of one of the victims in the first test! A stereo is pulled out and mystery man says that the killers voice is on that tape. But before it is played one of the suspects ( The CEO) walks out and he’s all like ”yeah that’s right i killed her! I could’ve made her into a star! But dude it was 20 years ago just drop it!”. Of course mystery man doesn’t drop it. Instead he stands up! GASP! Mystery man could walk all along?! Then he pulls out a gun and points at the CEO and does some long as speech about how mush he was upset that he lost his daughter and then proceeds to shoot the CEO so that he dies. The detectives are SHOOK. the mystery man holds Kreisha tight and apologizes for lett her se her gradnfather act this way. GASP! Kreisha is the mystery mans granddaughter!? At this point everything is a mess everyone if confused and mystery man says thank you to the detectives and that they will get their reward very soon. (AKA the password to the safe and some cash money flow).

When the detectives re-gather they are sat down to open the safe and when they do they find A USB and a picture of the girl who was murdered in the episode called ”Messages from the grave” standing next to the doctor who was killed in the first episode. Turns out she is his daughter! EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED THANK LORD!!! They plug in the USB and the guy who killed the scientist in the first video appears and he’s all like ”if you are watching this video that means we’ll meet very soon” and then the episode ends.

This episode was so great I finally got some answers to the scientist and I can’t wait to find out when they’ll encounter Mr first murderer again.

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  1. joy

    so I just watched episode 8 but when the grandfather said it’s real, the suspects are real.
    I am confused like are they real REAL suspects from the real crime? and was that guy who was shot the real REAL killer? it was hard to believe but it would be so interesting

    1. Skyy

      Sorry for the long wait for a response Joy! But what I think the grandfather meant by that is indeed that the suspects were the suspect of the actual crime and he used the detectives to get them to him. And that would lead to the guy being shot actually being the killer. Of course it’s still a fictional crime but it was very fun to watch!
      Thank for commenting!
      // Skyy

  2. Shawn

    What’s the song during the lip sync

    1. Lghtngl

      사랑의 배터리 – 홍진영 ver. EDM

  3. ifshan

    In the beginning of episode, Sejong leaves the flowers and the scene pans out to shows flowers and a blue doll is left behind. Wasn’t that blue doll shown some where else in Busted series?

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