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BUSTED! Episode 5 ”The last vampire” Review


I read the title for this episode and I went. ”Vampires… really?” Like I thought we passed that trend. But I was surprised. This episode starts off the same as the last on with an introduction this time to Ahn Jaewook who is visited by a friend of his. His friend tells him that his home town is getting out of hand and they believe that there is a vampire on the island. Jaewook much like I was didn’t believe him at first until K called. The detectives gather on the boat and Jaewook tells them about the vampires. Of course no one believes him and accuses him of being drunk. When they arrive on the island they hear a pair of elders talking about someone who died. But before they can ask questions the couple ran away. Being detectives the did the only logical thing.
Follow them!  They are led to a group of people standing around a woman lying dead on the ground with what seems to be vampire bites on her. The head of the village arrives and throws a temper tantrum at the villager. Apparently they don’t want ”outsiders” on their island because he doesn’t want to rumors of vampires to spread to the mainland. The detectives and puzzled and can’t seem to get any questions in. Then a very handsome looking man arrives wearing a doctors coat. The village is quite obviously obsessed with this man praising him as soon as he arrives, offering to help carry his bag. Which he refuses. He takes a look at the girl, which happened to be the girl he’s been working with for a long time. Mr Doctor sir just says that it’s similar to the other cases. Which the detectives are like ”what other cases?”, and Mr Doctor sir says his girlfriend died a year ago by a similar manner. At any attempt to ask questions the detectives are dismissed and ignored. It is very clear that the villagers do not want to answer any questions.

So the group splits up Jaesuk, Sehun and Kwangsoo head to investigate Mr Doctor sir and Jongmin, Minyoung, Sejong and Jaewook go to talk to the head of the village. Of course before they can get any clue they have to do some sort of challenge. The three men have to drink different cups of liquid covered by a paper towel, hoping not to drink the one with garlic. Because Mr Doctor sir needs to drink that because if he is a vampire that will hurt him. But honestly I don’t know anyone who would drink garlic water and be unbothered…
The other four can’t enter the village chiefs house if they aren’t ”pure of salt” which means that have drink and entire pot of water before they can enter. Which they do… eventually. The chief made them food but it tasted bland. Turns out no one in the village is allowed to use salt except for Mr Doctor sir and the Shaman. ”Because salt is holy”…? They go to the shaman and she tells them that the natives of this island used to die if they had salt so they stopped touching it and eating it becasue they almost died out. She also tells them that there is a monster on the island and they can’t get to the main land because then it’ll be dangerous. Not that the detectives give it much thought because vampires aren’t real duh.

EITHER WAY! After our 3 men have challanged Mr Doctor sir he walks away and they start investigating the clinic. All over town there are these vampire masks hanging on all the houses. But they notice that the one in the clinic is missing it’s teeth. So they push it in and reveal A SECRET ROOM! The men step inside and see a coffin and as they explore the room the door closes behind them and they are locked inside. Leave it to which ever group has Kwangsoo to be locked inside a room!
Now they need to find a way out. They look around the room and find a picture with a child an other man and K! Are K and Mr Doctor sir connected? Not giving it much more though they continue to search. Inside the coffin they find a message that says the Mr Doctor sir isn’t a vampire. He just has a some sort of disease and even though the villagers acts like they like him they are just keeping him from leaving the island. Because they think someone with his disease is what is protecting them from the vampire.
So PLOT TWIST! Turns out Mr Doctor sir isn’t a vampire he’s just a victim of being held against his will who also likes to sleep in coffins…? What coffin you ask? Oh the one that they read the message in TO BEGIN WITH BUT WE ARE JUST GOING TO FORGET THAT!

The detectives meet up again and they find Mr Doctor sir they manage to look through his suitcase and the find A HIDDEN COMPARTMENT! Where they find VAMPIRE TEETH… I laughed my ass so hard at this. So anticlimactic. Mr Doctor sir explain to them that yes he did kill the girl and made it look like a vampire did it BUT ONLY BECAUSE THE VILLAGERS HAS BEEN KEEPING HIM CAPTIVE AND THEY KILLED HIS GIRLFRIEND FOR TRYING TO HELP HIM LEAVE THE ISLAND! GASP!
The detectives are shocked and Mr Doctor sir asks them to help him. Well more like he injects Kwangsoo with poison and he won’t give him the antidote unless they get him off the island. Which like should’ve given them a heads up that maaaybe he isn’t like super turstworthy. I MEAN HE KILLED A GIRL!?! BUT WHO CARES RIGHT LET GET THIS HANDSOME MR DOCTOR SIR OFF THIS ISLAND! So while Mr Doctor sit hold Kwangsoo hostage the others go search for these firework things that’ll alert the boat to come and get them. So they do that and Mr Doctor sir takes Kwangsoo and tells them that they are going to go to the shaman and Kwangsoo is going to distract her while Mr Doctor sir finds the cure to his disease. They get to cure and the fireworks and they shoot them off the a giant mob of people are running after them, chasing them to stop them from leaving. But they get on the boat just intime and make it away. When they get closer to shore they hear sirens, but they haven’t called the police? Meh!
The guy who talked to Jaewook in the beginning is there and he’s like ”I called the cops for yah!”. Because even though Mr Doctor sir was held captive he did kill a girl. The police, Jaewooks friend and Mr Doctor sir gets in the car and the detectives relax, they caught the criminal and save a man from being held hostage finally they can breathe!

The next shot we get is in the police car, Mr Doctor sir drinks his cure and BAM! HE JUMPS UP AND DIGS HIS TEETH IN THE POLICE OFFICERS NECK! Jaewooks friend opens the car door and shoves him out of the car and start driving off.
All of this is happening before the detectives eyes and they try to catch up to the car but it’s too fast! They look at the police officers neck and see the bite marks and Sejong reminds us FINALLY about what the shaman said. ”There is a monster on the island and if he gets to the mainland it’ll be dangerous! We brought the monster to the mainland!”
So DOUBLE PLOTTWIST! Turns out Mr Doctor sir was a vampire(?) all along and his handsome face tricked them and he got away! Cut to a cafe where Jaewook is embarresed for being tricked like that and K tells them that Mr Doctor sirs dad helped him on project D but doesn’t tell the whole story. So nothing unusual there. Before the episode ends a woman walks up to them and asks if they can help them find a painting and then it cuts to the outro.

So what did I think of this episode?
I liked it, the double plot twist was nice but like really obvious if you gave it an extra thought.  I’m starting to feel like the clues are given to them to easily and they don’t like have to do a lot of thinking about it. The mysteries never really feel completely mapped out? Or like it feels like the detectives are finding stuff they weren’t supposed to until much later and so on. Also we get bits en pieces of the storyline with K but I’m still not feeling it I want to know more. But it feels like it was introduced as a main story but is being treated as a secondary storyline. Hopefully the next episode will shed some more light on the situation!

Until next time!

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  3. Tania

    May I know who plays the doctor? I saw the preview and omg he’s so handsome lol xD of course he’s the vampire huh?

    1. Ericka

      Hiii, his name is Park Hae-Jin. He is an actor in Korea.

  4. Tartar

    Im sorry, i really confused. Do you know what happening with the Doctor Vampire next? Is he still life? Or die? Or where are he? This episode is so interested. Pliss tell if you know any explanation in Busted season 2 or 3. Thank You ^^

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