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BUSTED! Epsiode 2


So Episode 2 of Busted! in my opinion i liked it a lot more then episode one. Sejong was reveled as a fixed cast member since she missed out on episode 1 and we get to see K´s face. Wow Such excitement. The detectives are told that they are part K´s started years back planting DNA och famous detectives into their bodies. But he canceled it because bad stuff happened. But when he found of the injections still effected the people he decided to reboot the program! K Then tells the detectives to take a break, chillax a little. So they do. Cut to Minyoung strolling around in Jeju having a monolouge about being a detective and the habits she has formed. Like laying on the ground which she did multiple times during episode one. Bam a very handsome young fellow appears but before Minyoung gets his number K calls and says they have a mission and that they need to meet up and go on a teasure hunt. Minyoung turns back around and the handsome man is gone! (don’t worry people he’ll be back 😉 )

Okay! So we are now with the detectives talking to a man who is a museum director. He is the one holding this treasure hunt because it was his old friends treasure and now he wants it back. The detective get their first clue and go off to do their thing!

This episode had A LOT of funny moments, I nearly fell our of my chair when Sejong walked with the snake towards the other guys. I really liked this episode and I thought it was a lot more worked through then the first one. AND we got the story a bit more fleshed out we learned a few new things but we also got a lot more new questions we want answered. Now I’m really excited to see where the story goes!

I am currently behind on the show so don’t mind me as I hop onto Netflix and watch episode 3 and 4 and I’ll be back with more reviews on BUSTED!

See ya!

/ Skyy

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