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BUSTED! Episode 6 ”Battle of the detectives”


Just when I thought we had seen all variations of BUSTED! there was. They bring this masterpiece. This was so much fun to watch I laughed so many times. The episode picks up where the last one ended but with a twist. We both see the woman who was walking up to our detectives but we also see another woman walking up to another set of detectives(that includes Wendy from Red Velvet). Both groups are given the same task to find this painting of a recently deceased artist who was said to be like a modern Da Vinci. The painting is a self-portrait the problem though is that no one has seen it. The groups meet and the tension between the groups is undeniable. It is game on and the search begins by looking for clues about what the painting actually looks like to begin with. The have to dechiper this very cluttered minded artist diary/sketchbook and go to different locations to find out what is in the painting. All through out the episode it looks like the new team of detectives always are ahead. But our detectives won’t give up and even retorts to foul play. Well Sehun does because he is very set on winning.

Once they had gathered all the clues it was a race through different obstacles to find the painting. They had to spell out four five-lettered english words while holding the scale they were standing on leveled. Chaos ensued. Then they has to do some sort of math related thing, I don’t know I zoned out as soon as they started counting my head was jumbled. Then the final room was finnel with different variations of the painting and the needed to find the right one based on the clue they found. and i’t not like it’s easy to spot. They have to find the painting with the right eveycolor, right glasses, right beret, right iguana, right lolipop ring, right berry broche, right nail art and the right scarf. Which IS A LOT HARDER THEN YOU THINK. The new detectives are the first to enter the room looking around trying to find it but even though our detectives was late to the party they are the first ones to find the painting. So they sneakily grabbed it and got out of there before running to the boat where the auction for the painting would be held. They place the painting and then the other team arrives with a painting as well and there is drama. The director looks at the art and determines that our detectives found the right painting and the other curator girl start yelling at the new detectives and stomps off.

That is basically how the episode ends. I liked it it was funny but again it didn’t really build onto the storyline with K and project D so we’ll see. But I am happy that they did an episode like this and lit a fire under their butts. I can’t wait to watch the next episode now and see where the story will go!

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  1. AmirD7

    I don’t know if it was staged but I got furious seeing there is no team spirit in the K detective. They always fight with each other, wasting time. Venn diagram by the G team is very neat and clean. If i was in Sehun placed I would be pissed. LOL. anyway great stroyline on this Ep.

    1. Skyy

      Hi amir! I felt the same way! I think the producers just liked the way the K team kept bickering and kind of edited the episode to bring more of that aspect out once it had aired. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Maesarah

    OMFG this is so helpful . i was at the middle of the episode and got mad because the new detectives was so clever than i expected , in fact I desperately want our detectives to win!!

  3. Ivan

    I think during the “Scale Challenge” the K detectives surely failed there. Putting up the letters the scale was unbalanced for sure. Well thats my opinion. Was really rooting for the other team haha

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