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Eating Bibimbap in Stockholm!

So I haven’t had a ton of korean food in my life and I still have a lot to try out. But there is sadly not that many korean restaurants in Stockholm that have prices that my wallet won’t die over. But I had been meaning to check out this small place called Kimchistan for a while but I wasn’t able to. But today I brought along a friend of mine who had also never been there and we went together!

The place is quite small to begin with there a four tables with 4 seats each with two bar tables which adds another 7 seats. You walk in and you can see the food get made immediately, so it feels quite cozy. The interior is very simple and rustic, but it fells natural. So natural that I completely missed the bicycle on the wall!

I ordered the Seoul Bibimbap with chicken and my friend got the vegan one. (Someone needs to tell them they have misspelled vegan… but I cant bring myself to tell them vegan is spelled with an e and not an i…). Right before us three other girls just ordered so we kind of expected it to not be the fastest but still it didn’t feel like long. Fifthteen minutes tops.

The pricing of the food is pretty good. I payed 115kr (13 USD or 14,274 KRW). Which for food in Stockholm is pretty normal so I ain’t mad about it. It’s not cheaper then mcdonalds but then again you are paying for good stuff.

The food looked amazing (as you can see in the pictures) and it tasted great! The flavors were great and the spicy sauce didn’t take over but it still had that very nice burn. I am okay with eating spicy food. I really like the taste buy my swedish body doesn’t really enjoy it so much. But thankfully to my mom who can’t go a meal with out chili. I’ve gained somewhat of a tolerance.

All and all the experience was great and I will definitely be back.









You can check them out on Instagram here!

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