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Netflix dropped a new korean variety show and I watched the first episode!

A while back Netflix announced their new korean vareity show called ”Busted!” Imiditaly I was intruiged by the premiss of the show. Busted was going to be a murder party variety show similar to one of my favorite shows of all time Crime Scene and youtube Red show Escape the night made by youtuber Joey Graceffa. Busted!, caught a lot of atention as many of their cast members are very well known in the variety show fan-scene. The cast includes the nations MC Yoo JaeSuk, comedian Kim JongMin actor Lee KwangSoo and they are joined by Hallyu wave starts Park Minyoung, Ahn Jaewook, EXOs very own Sehun and Gugudan (and I.O.Is) Kim Sejong. So many kpop fans were also very excited to see this show air. As I am still waiting PATIENTLY for season four of Crime Scene. I knew from the get go that I needed to check this show out. I just finished watching the very first episode, and I love it.



The show is very well crafted, has a lot of funny moments and really keeps moments of suspense when needed. But I did find that the scene were Yoo Jaesuk and Ahn Jaewook were investigating RENA. Was a tiny little bit too long. It felt like they were trying to fill up air time and at the end of the day out of the like 5 clues they got only 1 was helpful. But since it is just episode 1 am willing to let it slide for now. I think it’s really cool how they included escaperooms into the show. Unlike Crime Scene where the mission is just to solve the crime for the episode. It seems like Busted is going for a more story driven plot to their show and I’m enjoying what they are doing with it. Since I like the show so much I thought that for each episode I’ll write a reveiw and share with you my thoughts on the show Busted! so we can discuss it in the comments!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to check out Busted! on Netflix, a new episode airs every friday!

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