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CROSS GENE is back with a real bop!

CROSS GENE are now back as five members with their new song ‘달랑말랑’, and this song is a real summer bop. With dance with ribbons to this tropical house song infront of neon lights and I am HOOKED. The music video is first of all STUNNING I love the lighting and the set design. I love the neon and plant life mixed together. It gives it such a cool look that feels like it embodies the Tropical house genre. The music is bopping and it is going on all my playlists right now. This is one of those summer vibe songs, that are played while your having the time of your life on a beach party. Lastly the choreography is so cool with the ribbon that they have tied to their wrist and how it moves with them. The way they use them in the choreography is really cool!

I am loving this new vibe and I can’t wait for more!

Check out their music video for 달랑말랑 below!

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