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BUSTED! Episode 9 ”Operation: criminal transport” Reveiw!


Everything about this episode is so good, the build up, storyline. Even the name of this episode is SO GOOD.

It starts off with us being told that Yeonseok (our first killer) has turned himself in and requested to be transported by our detective team. So they stand by the side of the road when the SWAT car arrives and they bring Yeonseok out. The detectives first reactions is to curse him out and  be frustrated with him. They get on the bus and everything seems fine. They keep on nagging Yeonseok for information about why he killed the scientist and stuff but he kept quiet. Suddenly there is a big bang and the bus comes to a stop. The busdriver walks out and comes back saying that the bus broke down and they need to take the train.

When they are on the train Jaesuk gets a call from an unknown caller. Who threatens to blow up a bomb unless they take Yeonsuk to the location he wan’t them to take him. Yeonsuk starts to protest. They split up. Half of them are going on the bus the unknown caller wants them to take Yeonseok to and the others try to locate the bomb.

On the bus they ride around in circles trying to figure out what stop they should get off at because the only have one shot. The figure out that only some of the stops have announcements and the first one even has 2. Jaesuk is reminded of the fibonnachi sequence and solves it. They get off at the right stop and read another clue which leads them to the nearby cafe and a claw-machine. They have to get all the Pororo plushies and again Sehun gets quite stubborn and spend A LOT of Kwangsoos money but after a lot of tries he wins all fo them. Even if that meant pushing the others off the machine a few times to try to win. There were notes hidden in the plushies hats and once they gathered them all they send to it and found a briefcase which they couldn’t open.

The others were trying to hunt down the guy who had the bomb in his bag. Once they did and opened the bag they found out that it was all a fluke and there was actually no bomb. But they did get the adress on the location which they were going to bring Yeonseok. The entire gang met up and Yeonseok had a closer look at the briefcase and remembered his cufflet. He took it out from his shirt and tried to put it in the key hole and it worked! it opened up to show a pencase and inside was a microchip with the project D symbol on it. Now that they had everything they headed off to the final location.

Once there a new mysterious man walks out on the balcony telling them to bring Yeonseok and the microchip to him. The detectives are indecisive but doesn’t give it to him. So the man brings out an orange flag and suddenly a bunch of zombielike humans come running out trying to catch them. They are running and running but some of them are already caught and Yeonseok looks around like he’s ina drama before grabbing the microchip and running back towards the man telling the others that he’ll keep it safe. When we see Yeonseok again he is standing face to face with this mysterious man playing a game of Battleship. But instead of boats on the playfield there are random drinks and one of them is poison. You drink it you die.

Meanwhile the detectives are locked in cages with the zombies. Well there not zombies they are test subject that failed project D. Which the detectives figured out. In the paper they found in the episode prior to this one it said that the fails test subjects would only respond to certain words. Using those words, a gong and an orange ball on the floor they manage to escape and come up to Yeonseok and mystery man playing the game. Mystery man explains the game and that Yeonseok isn’t the first test subject he was and that the resaercher that had helped Yeonseok escape was killed afterwards. Yeonseok then makes his move, mystery man takes a drink and then he dies. When he’s dead Yeonseok explains that mystery man was working with the bad people and wanted to give them the microchip in exchange for his freedom and that the chip included the last file that would fix the error in project D. Then Yeonseok leaves running away saying he will soon see them again.

Before we cut to the end of the episode we get to see the detectives talking and conferring about what had happened when an announcement came on. It was a voice ( of someone we were supposed to recognize and honestly I thought it sounded like the mystery man in this episode but he’s dead so that in’t possible so I don’t know man) saying that they had given him just enough time to kidnap K in his office and that he will accomplish what he wants.

I really liked this episode. It was very full of suspense! I’m happy the plot wasn’t completely forgotten but still they kind of left it all towards the end and I would’ve liked to see it sprinkled out more through out instead. Now it made this episode feel kind of rushed in some parts which was kind of sad. but it was good none the less! I’ve been watching with my mom recently and she has been nagging me go watch these last two episodes so we can talk about it because she liked it so much. He favorite is by far Kwangsoo because he is so incredibly funny! She also really likes Minyoung because ”she is so smart” and honestly I have to agree I think I like those too the best too!

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