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BUSTED! Episode 7 ”The vanished magician”


I don’t even know how to begin this post. This episode could be my favorite episode as of yet. My heart was beating so fast and I honestly was a little bit nervous through out the entire episode.

Sehun isn’t with the others when the episode starts because he is rehearsing for a performance he will be doing on a magic show. He invites all the detectives to watch the rehearsal and the magician welcomes them gladly. He shows them a stabby stabby trick which honestly made my heart go up my throat and then he did a thing where he switched places with his assistant only problem was as she was posing a mannequin fell and now the magician is gone. The stage manager is distraught and tells the detectives to find him and so we have our case! They look around for clues and find out that he had been fighting with the hypnotiser that works there too. So they split up, half of them go to the magicians house. The others go to the hypnotisers place. Stuff happens, Jaesuk get hypnotised and then breaks out of it halfway while Sejong and Minyoung find some emails between him and the mgaician. That is where they find that the magician had recieved a death threat and said that the only one who could have sent something like this was his apprentice. So the call his apprentice and he’s all cocky and sh*t. They go to him and  he shows them a trick where he nails a nail into his nose and again my heart is in my throat and my stomach is upside down that is messed up. They keep trying to lock him up but he keeps escaping (because he has a key in his pocket) and they eventually find the death threat note in his cupboard and it has a very distinct smell. He says he made it because the propsteam asked him to do it. But they are not convinced so they go back to the stage to investigate anyway.

Meanwhile the others (Sehun, Kwangsoo and Jaewook) are in the magicians house in a race against the alarm to find evidence. On the fridge there is a calendar with certain dates marked with a heart. Kwangsoo climbs through sticky flycatchers to get to a locked chest. BUT he also proves himself very smart by finding both the clues for the combination. Good job buddy you deserve that! In the chest they find a picture of the magician and a girl holding a movie award and a schedule. It looks like it’s the girls filming schedule and they saw she had a shoot that day and went to go find her. While there they find out it’s a beautiful actress (sorry I don’t remember her name) who Kwangsoo an dSehun seems to be really big fans off. They make all three of them taking turns get into this strappy things and go up into the air to shoot a scene with her where she yells at them for cheating and throws fruits at them. Super weird I know. Then when they all have done it they ask her about it and she says she dated 2 people. Both the magician and the apprentice and that the magician said to meet her after the show. She shows them the floor plan he gave her and they head back to the stage to investigate.

Both teams meet up and the look around on the stage for a while until they head back to the props team and found out the magic girl is also in charge of props. When Jaesuk opens the door he gets hit with a very familiar scent, the same one that was on the letter. They ask her if she is in charge of props and she says they rotate that responsebility. The stage manager comes in and says that she needs to rehearse with the stand in and the look around the room. They find a box/bag thing with magnets on top and when they removed them a secret compartment fell out revealing another floorplan. This one showing an extra opening in the stage! The go back to the stage where she is standing nervously looking around while they are trying to open the hatch. Jaesuk sees her glancing nervously at the glass thing and he looks closer and finds out they are buttons. Low and behold it opens the hatch and inside…. lies the magician covered in blood. Suddenly a few arrows shoot out. He must’ve gone down the hatch and then gotten impaled by the arrows. The grab the magic girl and she explains that he was cheating on her with the actor girl so she killed him out of jealousy and that she was going to get rid of the body after the show. They caught the criminal!

The episode ends with Sejong wearing all black walking up to what seems to be a memorial holding white flowers. Which is like…??!?? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!?

This was such a good episode. I was definitely more on the serious side but I really enjoyed it. I also have a love for magic and stuff so that might me why I liked it so much too. The one thing I was kind of sad about was that I through this would just be like a kidnapping case and not a murder because those can be really exciting too. But it was actually really full of suspense. Still no real progress on Project D. I mean K said he made progress but we still don’t know what it is sooo…

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