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5 clothing items to spice up your closet!

So K-fashion is something look to for insperation. We see all these idols and actors go to the airport looking super fl, and we wonder what we can do to dress like them. But I don’t know about you guys. But I can’t afford gucci slippers or LV bags. So I’m here to show you 5 simple pieces of clothing where you can find in any normal clothing store, to spice up your wardrobe.

  1. A red and black checkerd flannel

This is something that is just good to have in your closet. This particular pattern you can find on dresses, skirts, tops and shorts. But most commonly as button up shirts! I can bet that you have probably more then once seen an idol wear a red and black flannel tied around their waist either on stage or off stage. Why? Because it looks cool! and if it gets cold you can simply put it on like a cardigan.

2. Light washed denim

Jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts. Light washed jeans are always on trend for the spring season and we often see idols or actors wear it since it is such a staple. Have them baggy and ripped for a more edgy but casual look or high waisted and  clean for a more sophisticated spring look

3. A white tshirt

As boring as it might sound. A white t-shirt can get you a long way. Just look at BTS own Jeon Jungkook he has like 25000 of them. Having a simple white shirt allows you to add a lot of accessories or wear a jacket with a funky print. Of course simple details on the shirt wont hurt either. A small quote on one side or a picture never hurt anyone!

4. Accessories in general!

One of the major factors to really getting that k-fashion feel is accessorizing. With earrings, necklances, bracelets and a jacket or bag a simple with shirt and jeans outfit can suddenly look way more dressed up! Snazzy shoes or a cute back pack? Why not both?But be careful not to over accessorize. There is a fine like looking like Twice heading to the airport and any music video in 2014…and lets just leave 2014 in 2014 okay?

5. Confidence.

Yes. I know it sounds cheesy. BUT! If you have confidence any outfit you wear will instantly look better. Want to wear a dress on a Tueday just because? Do it! Wear that sassy shirt you haven’t had to courage to wear yet and wear it with confidence and no one will question you. And if they do they obviously don’t know what they are talking about.


So those are my 5 things that will help you get closer to a more k-fashion style wardrobe. I hope you liked it! Of course this doesn’t mean that you have to have these things unless you want to there are many ways to achieve the K-style look this is just one of them that can be the simplest.

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